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Wyoming Credit Collections Lawyer

Nationally Trusted and Respected Debt Recovery Law Firm

Our firm is guided by the principle of respect — respect for our clients and respect for people we are collecting from. We are sensitive to the negative social stereotype of debt collectors, and we have no desire to be categorized in that manner. We handle all of our business professionally and effectively.

If you are in need of a Wyoming credit collections attorney, do not hesitate to contact Harrington Law Firm, PC. Since 1981, we have built a staff of professionals who aggressively work to resolve our clients' debt issues quickly and effectively.

Why Do Our Clients Need Harrington Law Firm?

Lawyers typically have the capabilities and expertise that lay-people do not have. We have the ability to collect through the Wyoming court system if pre litigation calls and letters do not have the desired effect. A call from a bill collector does not always scare consumers, especially if they are used to those types of calls. A call from an attorney typically carries more weight.

Our firm has developed asset location strategies and remains current on the latest communication and search software. Our clients trust us to handle debt collections in a professional, respectful and discrete manner. We understand the situation our clients are in, and we work quickly and efficiently toward a resolution.

Contact Our Firm

If you are concerned about consumer or commercial debt collections in Wyoming, do not hesitate to contact Harrington Law Firm, PC. We can be reached by phone at 866-683-6711 or via the e-mail form on this website.

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