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Wyoming Creditors Rights Lawyer

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Harrington Law Firm is a professional debt collection law firm. Since 1981, we have provided collection services for companies, businesses, banks and credit card companies seeking debts to be paid by consumers. We understand all aspects of creditors' rights and respect debtors and creditors through all phases of collection.

Our firm provides legal advice and representation to our clients through the three phases of the debt collection process:

  • Pre litigation collections: Before a lawsuit becomes necessary, our staff will attempt to resolve the collection issue as quickly and effectively as possible. We will contact the consumer by calling and/or sending letters explaining the situation and their options.
  • Litigation: If pre litigation collection attempts fail, we will immediately file a lawsuit and attempt to resolve the collection matter in court.
  • Post judgment collection: After a judgment has been entered, it is still possible that the consumer will refuse to pay the directed amount. In these situations, our firm has a great deal of expertise locating assets. Once assets are verified, we can get a garnishment on bank accounts or paychecks or executions on non-exempt personal assets.

We understand that our clients count on us to handle these situations in a professional and discrete manner. We respect that you have a reputation to protect, and we are sensitive to the delicate nature of debt collection.

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If you are concerned about consumer or commercial debt collections in Wyoming, do not hesitate to contact a lawyer at Harrington Law Firm, PC. We can be reached by phone at 866-683-6711 or via the e-mail form on this website.

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