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Consumer Collections

At Harrington Law Firm, PC, we are proud of our industry and organizational memberships. We have worked diligently since 1981 to foster a reputation of professionalism, honesty and resourcefulness with both our legal community and collection organizations nationwide. We are proud to be members of both the Wyoming State Bar and the American Bar Association.

Some of the organizations we are honored to be a part of include:

  • National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys (NARCA): NARCA is a trade association that was created to serve law firms dedicated to the practice area of consumer debt collection. Our firm has been consistently honored for our high recoveries and liquidation rates. We encourage you to visit the NARCA website by following this link.
  • The National List of Attorneys: The National List is a trusted and well-respected resource for consumer and commercial debt collection professionals. We are proud to be associated with this organization.
  • The Forwarders List of Attorneys: We are happy to be included on the Forwarders List. This list, and the searchable online database, is an easy way for businesses and corporations to find a law firm engaged in debt collections in a specific part of the country.
  • The Columbia Law List: The Law List, much like the Forwarders List, is a searchable database of debt collection law firms that can be found in a specific area. We are happy to be included on this list also.
  • General Bar Law Directory: Typically referred to as the general bar, this directory is a tool for individuals or businesses to search for out-of-state legal counsel.

Our inclusion on these searchable legal databases and as a NARCA member goes far in establishing our credibility and dedication. We are proud to serve businesses in need of a professional debt collection law firm.

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If you are concerned about consumer or commercial debt collections in Wyoming, do not hesitate to contact a lawyer at Harrington Law Firm, PC. We can be reached by phone at 866-683-6711 or via the e-mail form on this website.

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